His first love was cooking. It was love at first sight.

In the beginning, he started with the basics of the traditional German and French cuisine. Already in the early days as a young chef Heiko Antoniewicz proved his skills in a multitude of competitions. Amongst others, he was elected the youngest “Chef of the Year” at the time, “Deutscher Lachsmeister” (German Salmon Champion) and winner of the Noilly Prat Trophy. During his training he was appointed “Stadtmeister der Köche“ (City Champion of Chefs) in Dortmund. During his active time as chef and shortly after the opening of his restaurant, he was awarded a Michelin star.

Heiko Antoniewicz set an example with his first book “Fingerfood – The culmination of culinary art“. This was the beginning of his avant-garde cuisine. The book was awarded the World Cookbook Award as “most innovative cook book of the world”. Further books were “Verwegen Kochen” (Ventureous Cooking), and“„Molecular Basics“, giving the molecular cuisine and its amazing techniques and methods an understandable structure to the expert chef as well as to the ambitious amateur chef. With the book “Brot” (Bread), Heiko Antoniewicz left die classic “cuisine world“; and followed his passion for bread. “Brot” (Bread) received the award “Bestes Brotbuch der Welt” (Best Bread Book of the Word) by World Cookbook Award. His next coup –„Sous Vide“ – is translated into English. It laid the foundation for slow and sustainable cooking.

With his book “Flavour Pairing”, he has created an “atlas”, showing the basics and formulas of combining flavours and simultaneously stirring phantasies.
He marked two more chapters with two books at the same time in 2015. “Rohstoff” and “Fermentation” are the subjects, perfectly staged in an innovative way.
His last project is dedicated to the vegetarian cuisine. Vegetable, staged in its full beauty, is not only a real eye-catcher. It is just glamorous. His book “Green Glamour” was published in November 2017.
He is inspiring everyone likewise.

In his role as Managing Director and the creative mind of Antoniewicz GmbH, he has been a very sought-after national and international consultant, when his innovative culinary concepts and products are demanded.
He also gained his reputation as a tutor in Europe and Asia. His workshops and lectures are characterized by a very high transfer of knowledge. His enthusiasm is catching and infects his students with his passion for cooking.

Due to the fact that he cannot really keep his hands off gastronomy, he is available for catering of events and fairs, right up to the entire organizations. Heiko Antoniewicz is only satisfied if the overall performance is perfectly realized; starting from the kitchen equipment on location up to the perfectly served menu, arranged with attention to detail, always keeping in mind the „comprehensive carefree feeling“ of the host.
His own product line completes his profile, thereby making his creativity and his innovative culinary ideas available to everyone.