(A. = Academy)

Our starting point – Your interest
Your interest is important to us. You are a hobby chef and you have special interests? You are a professional and you are looking for a focused further training? You don’t need to have any reservations: In our academy, we do not only develop knowledge, we apply knowledge. Even more: We transport our knowledge via our hobby- and professional workshops. Knowledge in the context of cooking is always vital. Knowledge wants to be transferred and refined. We do not see ourselves just as ambassadors of good taste, but as team players. We are looking for fellow players, because we want to communicate knowledge; we want to answer questions, exchange experiences and we want to provide new impulses.

You are interested in modern cooking techniques or kitchen trends for the future?
In that case, you are in the best hands with us. Heiko Antoniewicz, the head of our academy, is not only a passionate chef but his colleagues voted him to be the trendsetter of 2016, too. With voting him, the chefs expressed their opinion of how inspiring Heiko Antoniewicz’s ideas are for the culinary world. So, please let yourself be inspired! Whether it is something general for curious beginners, something individual for experienced hobby chefs or something special for an established professional: your interest is our starting point.

Overview: Workshops/Application